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2023 Finalists

  • ASHFORD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: AstraZeneca - The Discovery Centre (DISC)  AstraZeneca's largest research and development facility in the UK was custom built over a period of six years, which will be home to over 2,000 scientists and pioneers working to deliver life changing medicines to the world. The £1 billion project was started in 2016 and Ashford were on site from June 2017 to August 2023. Our remit was to provide the management, water treatment & commissioning of all HVAC systems within the building.

  • BANYARDS: Children's Day Treatment Centre at Evelina London Children's Hospital  The new five-storey multi-use building has two operating theatres and associated areas to treat an additional 2,300 children per year. Designed to deliver state of-the-art specialised medical care to children in a manner that is both effective and convenient. The centre strives to enhance the quality of life for young patients and their families while meeting their healthcare needs in the best possible way.

  • BANYARDS: The Christie Patterson Cancer Research Centre  The project stands out as highly innovative in the field of M&E systems, setting new standards and surpassing conventional projects in various ways. The systems exhibit substantial technical advances, including smart automation, AI-driven optimisation, energy storage solutions, and fault detection capabilities. These cutting-edge features lead to enhanced energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. The project's focus on sustainability and intelligent management emphasised the importance of the commissioning process which the Banyards CxM team undertook from design through to handover.

  • CLEARTECH GROUP: Hilton Garden Inn - Silverstone Circuit  The new hotel was designed to seamlessly fit alongside its surroundings sitting alongside the home straight of the world-famous circuit and as such was not only architecturally striking but equally have a M&E design that would work seamlessly. Cleartech Group were handed a tight commissioning programme and with great teamwork were able to get the project handed over for its opening at the British Grand Prix.

  • CML SUSTAIN: London Underground Bank Station Capacity Upgrade - Northern Line  Bank Underground Station upgrade project has increased the capacity of the station, relieved passenger overcrowding and provided step-free access for the Northern Line. Works included an entire new platform, new escalators, travelators and lifts and a new station entrance in Cannon St. The latest construction thinking led to a 17% reduction in carbon estimates. A saving of 3000 tonnes of carbon in site logistics and an improved hybrid natural / mechanical ventilation. The project completed on time and in budget.

  • CROWN HOUSE TECHNOLOGIES: LD11x London Data Centre  This data centre is of the hyperscale type and is the first hyperscale data centre located within the connection campus delivered by the client.  It uses a high efficiency cooling system to maximise the PUE factor optimising cooling energy consumption against total building load and associated ambient atmosphere temperatures.  The commissioning team had the challenge of integrating key live and operational phase 1 systems with newly constructed phase 2 systems.

  • END SYSTEMS: HMP Five-Wells  HMP Five-Wells was the first ‘Mega-Prison’ completed as part of the Government’s £4 billion investment commitment to deliver 20,000 innovative places by the mid-2020s. HMP Five-Wells is the flagship development as part of the ‘Smart-Prisons’ Scheme with the purpose of driving offenders into careers and away from crimes post release. The project contains workshops, classrooms, education facilities which will allow in-mates to obtain qualifications and formal learning. End Systems undertook the Commissioning Management of the Project on behalf of Kier.

  • HDR: The Oak Cancer Centre at the Royal Marsden Sutton  Oak Cancer Research Centre - Pioneering Integrated Cancer Care. HDR are proud to have worked on this project which revolutionises cancer research and treatment. Co-locating 400 researchers, clinicians, and patients under one roof, it accelerates the development of life-saving treatments and early cancer diagnoses. With sustainability at its core, the facility achieved BREEAM Excellent status. The project's crowning moment came with a royal opening by HRH Prince William, Prince of Wales.

  • BAPI: Blü-Test Test Instrument Suite  When it comes to commissioning, you need a device that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use when taking and storing measurements of temperature, humidity or air pressure. That quickly stores the information and enables easy reporting thereafter. BAPI’s calibrated test instruments: make the process a whole lot easier when you use a BAPI Blu-Test hand-held probe. It logs and stores the data to its internal memory and is uploaded to the App and when your phone or tablet comes into range, it’s only a few clicks to email the time-stamped data for your report or further analysis.


  • CSI TECHNOLOGIES: Videntium Testing & Commissioning Software  Videntium Testing & Commissioning by CSI Technologies is a cutting-edge software solution engineered for flexibility and modularity, revolutionizing the way testing and commissioning processes are managed. By streamlining testing and commissioning processes, it ensures compliance and efficiency. Real-time monitoring and reporting optimize outcomes, and seamlessly connecting stakeholders facilitates real-time collaboration. Customizable workflows adapt to project intricacies, while intelligent automation guarantees regulatory adherence. Videntium T&C elevates your construction excellence with this innovative solution.


  • FRESE: Optima Compact Veriflow Series PICV  Frese OPTIMA Compact Veriflow is a pressure independent balancing & control valve designed to control flow in HVAC systems, and is typically installed on fan coil units, chilled beams, air handling units and plate heat exchangers. The unique P/T plug design allows for both flow and differential pressure verification, enabling the commissioning engineer to optimise pump efficiency and ensure design flow is satisfied, without installing any third-party devices. Frese OPTIMA Compact Veriflow guarantees full stroke modulation irrespective of the design flow setting.


  • HDR: Nucleus Commissioning Management Software  Nucleus, our in-house commissioning management software, has undergone transformative enhancements. It simplifies certification processes, monitors project progress, and bolsters efficiency. Recent updates enable real-time reporting of critical testing phases, offline functionality, and tailored client adaptability. Nucleus fosters transparency, offering clients live metrics and centralised data for a streamlined commissioning experience. This system has achieved remarkable results, exemplified by expedited project completion with minimal outstanding issues. Developed by commissioning experts, Nucleus revolutionises commissioning, empowering efficient, collaborative, and transparent project management.


  • VEXO: S-BMS  S-BMS is a Building Management System from VEXO that utilises the latest technologies in IoT and data analytics to simplify installations and optimise building performance. This enables building owners, landlords and facilities managers to: save on energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve comfort for occupants. S-BMS provides real-time monitoring, automated control and dynamic control of various zones and HVAC systems through a secure cloud server meaning facilities teams are always connected and avoiding unnecessary callouts.

  • ASHFORD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES  Ashford provides a full commissioning service from design audit, through construction inspection and commissioning management, to pre-commission cleaning, commissioning, and performance testing. We get the job done, whatever the challenge. Our large staff resource gives us the ability to meet tight programmes on major landmark projects such as Battersea Power Station, 22 Bishopsgate and Google’s latest Data Centre in Finland. We work to exceed customer expectations by building strong relationships and going above and beyond.


  • BANYARD CONSULTANTS  Banyards have over 35 years of award-winning customer service and experience. We engage this legacy of knowledge with every project we undertake – this sets our customer service apart from our competitors. We have developed a “can-do’’ reputation and approach based on our breadth of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. We apply this to all our customers’ projects and the challenges they face. We also actively apply this through the CSA to help improve and shape the commissioning industry.


  • CROSSCOUNT  We are absolutely delighted to be nominated for this prestigious award following on from last year’s success in the Project of the Year category. Since first meeting in 1991 the principals of the business have maintained their target: to provide engineering excellence within budget, on time every time. We strive to provide pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to the commissioning process from the inception of the design through to building completion and beyond, embracing seasonal and continual commissioning to provide a comfortable and energy efficient environment for occupant to populate.


  • END SYSTEMS  Employing 75 staff End Systems provides services across all sectors of C&T as well as O&M Manual production and Building Validation Survey/CAD services. With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry End Systems has a reputation for fantastic customer service and providing a high-quality end product time and time again with consistent repeat work enquiries from some of the industry’s major contractors.


  • HDR COMMISSIONING  As a leading commissioning management provider, HDR offers end-to-end services, from project inception to operation. Their expertise spans design development and support, construction oversight, testing, operator training, and post-occupancy optimisation. Notable for their pragmatic approach and Nucleus platform, HDR tailors’ strategies for practical results. Continuous education, mentorship, and industry engagement ensure a highly skilled team. With a focus on individual project needs, transparent communication, and a strong track record, HDR consistently exceeds customer expectations, setting a standard for excellence in commissioning management.


  • MEDIA CONTROL  Media Control were established in 1991 and have grown to become a well-known, adaptable, and reliable commissioning company. Media Control provide hands-on commissioning, validation, and water treatment together with Commissioning Management services to the Mechanical Services industry. With an experienced long serving workforce, Media Control believe we have the ideal blend of personalities to provide not only a straightforward commissioning and balancing service, but that is also gives us the ability to negotiate any unforeseen problems that may occur.


  • RED ENGINEERING  RED take great pride in what they do and have a good reputation for delivering successful projects, resulting in high levels of repeat business. Focusing on understanding the clients’ requirements and expectations to determine and understand the project requirements is key to this approach and a number of RED’s clients have been working with the business for several years, across various sectors - this is something the business is very proud of. A lot of time and focus is spent working with clients on specifics to ensure that projects are managed correctly.


  • WP3  WP3 recognise the importance of well-planned and managed commissioning, with a team of industry experts delivering complex and challenging projects throughout the UK, EMEA and Europe. We are unique in our ability to truly support projects from feasibility and concept design through delivery, commissioning and into post-occupancy, all being applied to the commissioning process to improve the delivery of all our projects. We have developed into our client’s ‘go-to’ for trusted, thorough, and reliable commissioning management services.

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  • Andrew Sharp: BANYARD CONSULTANTS  Andrew’s career spans over two decades. In February 2021, he joined Banyards, bringing with him an array of experience gained over the previous ten years as a Commissioning Manager in the Middle East. Andrew recognises the importance of sustainable practices, energy efficient solutions, optimized system designs and commissioning focused practices of Water Efficiency, Energy Usage and Indoor Environmental Air Quality


  • Matthew Ward: CROSSCOUNT  Undoubtedly one of the leading Commissioning Managers in the UK today Matt has a complete understanding of the Cx process and has delivered some of our best projects such as the winner of last year’s Project of the Year. Holding the highest level of CSA grading – CM3 we are absolutely delighted to have Matt amongst our executive team. The client testimonials submitted with Matt’s nomination are testament to his outstanding abilities and we wish him all the very best with his nomination.


  • John Wilson: CROWN HOUSE TECHNOLOGIES  Forward thinking and adaptable John has, for years, committed to the highest standards of commissioning excellence and consistently over delivers.  He has been responsible for coaching and mentoring many engineers throughout his career, many of whom have gone onto achieving outstanding success within the field.  For the last 12 months John has been the driving force behind Crown House Technologies inhouse team progressing towards and gaining CM grading with the CSA.


  • Anthony Newton: END SYSTEMS  Anthony's electrical background coupled with desire to understand mechanical commissioning has seen an unprecedented rise since his start with End Systems 10 years ago. He has become a sought-after resource from each client he has worked alongside with repeat work requests a regular occurrence. Antony has developed into a fully rounded Commissioning Manager becoming a shining light in End Systems ever growing Commissioning management department.


  • Andrew Dobson: L&P GROUP  Andrew Dobson has consistently exemplified unwavering commitment to his duties and responsibilities as a Commissioning Manager, and nowhere is this dedication more evident than in his approach to environmental and Net Zero concerns. Throughout his time at L&P Group, Andrew has demonstrated a deep understanding of the significance of environmental protection and sustainability, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that projects under his supervision adhere to the highest environmental standards.

  • David Forbes: PHOENIX COMMISSIONING SERVICES  David Forbes has 34 years of experience in the commissioning industry. He has managed all forms of projects from Health Care, Industrial, Academic & Pharmaceutical. As the Technical Director within Phoenix Commissioning, he assists with the day-to-day issues that the junior and senior engineer’s encounter. David has also recently successfully completed a large-scale pharmaceutical project in Europe.

  • Derek Moore: RED ENGINEERING  Derek has built a reputation as a highly competent, organised, methodical and calm commissioning manager. His attention to detail and focus on the task in hand makes him a highly important member of the RED commissioning team and these strengths are recognised by both his colleagues, peers and clients. This approach to his work has created a high level of confidence and respect from those that work with Derek, and this has only enhanced his reputation both within RED, with project stakeholders and also critically with our clients.

  • Keith McKendrick: TAB UK  Keith McKendrick has over 15 years’ experience in Commissioning and Commissioning Management. Keith is dedicated, passionate and is an advocate for the value of Commissioning Management during a construction project. Keith has managed projects across the whole of the UK and Channel Islands, but he has also been the driving force behind the growth of Commissioning Management in Devon and Cornwall. Having joined the company in 2018, Keith now leads the Commissioning Management team at TAB UK.

  • ASHFORD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES  Ashford’s aim is to create technically able engineers. We do this with the help of the CSA DLC’s, college and University courses. Our recently developed Training and Career Development Framework has enabled all staff to understand where they are and what they need to do to progress. This is backed up by annual reviews against specific criteria and mentoring whether this is in Commissioning, water treatment or business skills.


  • BANYARD CONSULTANTS  As an Investors in People (Gold) business, we are committed to continuous training and the future development of our staff, identifying staff training needs during business planning, staff 1:1, personal development meetings and H&S and quarterly commissioning team meetings. We deliver Leadership & Management, People Skills CSA DLC, CSA Grade 4 Exams, Electrical Testing Training (2361/2391), electrical awareness and safety management along with Health & Safety, ensuring our Engineers are fully competent in commissioning best practice and safety.


  • CLEAR CONSTRUCTION: Glenn Hawkins  Glenn Hawkins is the author of CIBSE Commissioning Code M, the world-leading guide to the commissioning process and its management published in July 2022. He translated this guide into the CSA’s 2-day Introduction to Commissioning Management training course in both in-person and online formats. Over the last 12 months, he has delivered this training for people from the UK, Mainland Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australasia


  • END SYSTEMS  Approaching its 50th year of trading End Systems has developed and trained commissioning engineers since 1976 with now in excess of 25 individual businesses and Sole Traders across the industry starting their working life at End Systems. Training and development of staff was the ethos of founder the late Brian Townsend and has been followed faithfully by current MD Kay Corlett


  • HDR: The Careers Plus Programme  The Careers Plus Programme has proven to be an excellent tool and forum for learning and development within the business. Over the past decade, we’ve seen graduates running their own projects and liaising with contractors to ensure the smooth running of our ongoing jobs. Since adding apprentices to our programme in 2018, we’ve enhanced our offering to the industry, providing enhancing and life changing opportunities for young people in the UK.


  • H & V COMMISSIONING SERVICES  Here at H&V Commissioning Training is a critical part of our development process with 8 of our Trainees/Assistants on the Distance Learning Courses and 3 of our Senior Engineers sitting and passing their Grade 4 exam in the past year. Our 3 most senior engineers also undertook the ITCM course and passed their Grade 5 Thesis in the past few months. We also have our own unique digital Training Academy.


  • PHOENIX COMMISSIONING SERVICES  At Phoenix we have a proud history of training and promoting ambitious trainee engineers. We do this by offering an educational route through distance learning, college, university, and task specific training. The ethos which senior management have instilled has seen senior members of staff become mentors for those who are less experienced. There is now a real drive to progress within the company and a focus on the future with the CSA at the forefront.

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  • Devantay Dimsoy: ASHFORD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES  Devantay has always impressed us with his work ethic and determination to better himself. He started in February 2021 with no commissioning experience and has taken to a career here like a duck to water, always proactive in his approach to learning. The tutor marking his homework for the course stated, “I have seen very many homework submissions but never received homework of the quality submitted by Devantay.” Devantay is already on our case to start working on part B!


  • Jake McCully: CCM COMMISSIONING SPECIALISTS  Jake is a vital member of the CCM team, participating in the full range of water balancing, method statements, ventilation, and public health systems. During the past number of years, he has completed a wide range of projects across both the private and commercial sector including schools, office, hotels, apartments, and student accommodation working on both new build and refurbishment projects. During his time, a CCM he has become an integral team member developing a close working relationship with clients, consultants, and the various specialist sub-contracting teams.


  • Stuart Rankin: CCM COMMISSIONING SPECIALISTS  Stuart, a qualified electrician with over 30 years site experience across a range of commercial projects retrained as a commissioning engineer utilising his electrical background to become a vital member of the CCM team. He has expanded his electrical background to gain experience across a full range of commissioning tasks including public health systems, ventilation, and control systems. During this time, he has developed a close working relationship with clients, consultants, and the various specialist sub-contracting teams becoming a vital member of the team.


  • Liam Drake: END SYSTEMS  Liam has been working in the Commissioning Industry for four years and has been involved with the CSA Training Programme since 2019. Liam to date has achieved CSA Grade 1-3 culminating in achieving a Merit in all three exams. His penchant for learning has seen Liam move swifty from Assistant Engineer to a competent and valued Engineer within the Business using the important knowledge gained from the CSA Pathway of Development.


  • Ilias Seferoglou: HDR  Ilias started his professional journey working on mission-critical projects as a graduate Cx engineer with HDR in 2022. Ilias began partaking the CSA Distance Learning Part A course, while engaging in activities from pre-commissioning tests to integrated system testing. Demonstrating a dedication to continuous learning, Ilias is currently enrolled in CSA's commissioning management course, while actively pursuing knowledge across the wider industry landscape, acquiring skills relevant to our trade. Ilias has come on leaps and bounds in his first year at HDR and is already proving to be an incredible asset!


  • Greg Eusebi: PHOENIX COMMISSIONING SERVICES  Greg began his apprenticeship in 2009 where he gained a great deal of experience through a combination of hands-on activity on site, and supplementary education at college.  To further his learning Greg attended university where he was awarded with a BEng in Building Services Engineering. Greg has a keen interest in water treatment, and his thesis: “Water Treatment with *No Waste”, was selected to investigate the challenges of implementing a water treatment methodology which minimises chemical/waste being discharged into waterways.


  • Ryan Lundie: PHOENIX COMMISSIONING SERVICES  Ryan started with Phoenix Commissioning Services in 2013 where he began his apprenticeship whilst gaining an HNC Building Services. In October 2022 Ryan achieved a Grade 4 distinction in both his technical and theory papers, with scores of 85% and 94% respectively. Ryan’s knowledge has seen him develop a solid technical base as an Engineer whilst gaining experience in different sectors with a focus on clean room and laboratory environments.


  • Philip Flynn  Philip has worked within the commissioning industry for 45 years but decided to enrol on the CSA Distance Learning Courses to verify his industry knowledge. Philip has been a pleasure to deal with completing all courses well within the time restraints. He received distinctions in DLC A, DLC B and DLC C and was awarded the highest mark of all who took the DLC C in the last year.

  • Sam Bruce: END SYSTEMS  Sam has been with the business since 2014 progressing on the development pathway since starting with End Systems. Sam has been the lead engineer / supervisor for the previous 12-Months on AstraZeneca’s new manufacturing facility. Sams involvement included the production of commissioning protocol documents, Commissioning and Testing, Water Treatment and Validation compliance to the regulatory body approval.


  • Adam Murray: HDR  Adam is an accomplished engineer with experience in Commissioning Management and HVAC commissioning and is a credit to our industry. He has achieved several qualifications, including all CSA distance learning courses, and is finishing his BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering at LSBU in January. As well as being a great engineer, Adam is a well-liked and respected member of the HDR team - he is an asset to our business and the industry.


  • Keiren Paton: H & V COMMISSIONING SERVICES  Working his way up since joining the HVAC industry in 2015, Keiren has obtained his CSA Grade 5 through consistent hard work and professionalism. He is a valued member of the team due to his confidence and positive attitude to all tasks in hand. Taking the lead in large complex contracts and showing exceptional attention-to-detail within reports, whilst also training up junior members of staff, has made Keiren a worthy candidate for this award.


  • Billy Daly: MEDIA CONTROL  Billy joined Media Control fresh out of school 14 years ago as a Commissioning Assistant and has steadily grown in stature to become one of our “go-to” engineers. Billy has grown his reputation to a level that has been recognised by both his colleagues and clients alike. He has had many Testimonials sent to Media Control voluntarily, praising his work ethic, knowledge, and enthusiasm with one client calling him a throwback to “engineers of old”.


  • Greg Eusebi: PHOENIX COMMISSIONING SERVICES  An experienced engineer who now primarily focuses on operational and commissioning management within the business. With a wealth of water treatment experience as well as commissioning high-value projects across multiple sectors, he has transferred his site-based technical knowledge to his current roles. His application is based on the practical implementation of his Grade 5 thesis: “Water Treatment with *No Waste”. Greg’s anticipation for the future and willingness to push boundaries is key to his progression.


  • Firas Hanif: WP3  Firas joined WP3 in 2021 having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and within the 2 years that follow has demonstrated both capabilities and performance of someone with far more experience. Successfully handing over 3 commercial projects in his first 18 months, Firas is currently managing large residential, commercial, and retail projects, including Government buildings in Whitehall. Firas has exceptional skills on our commissioning software, reporting and programming of projects, assisting with the training of our commissioning graduates.

  • This award is determined by the CSA, and as such, no finalists have been sought.
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