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Product/Service Innovation of the Year

Awarded for the most innovative commissioning related product/software/service, new or redeveloped, introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.



S-BMS is a Building Management System from VEXO that utilises the latest technologies in IoT and data analytics to simplify installations and optimise building performance. This enables building owners, landlords and facilities managers to: save on energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve comfort for occupants. S-BMS provides real-time monitoring, automated control and dynamic control of various zones and HVAC systems through a secure cloud server meaning facilities teams are always connected and avoiding unnecessary callouts.

CSA23 54 RS.jpg
CSA23 18 RS.jpg
  • BAPI: Blü-Test Test Instrument Suite

  • CSI TECHNOLOGIES: Videntium Testing & Commissioning Software

  • FRESE: Optima Compact Veriflow Series PICV

  • HDR: Nucleus Commissioning Management Software



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