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Project of the Year

Awarded for the most interesting and/or technically challenging building project or installation, that has been completed in the last 24 months, which can demonstrate innovation, operational performance, environmental credentials, and overall objective attainment.



The project stands out as highly innovative in the field of M&E systems, setting new standards and surpassing conventional projects in various ways. The systems exhibit substantial technical advances, including smart automation, AI-driven optimisation, energy storage solutions, and fault detection capabilities. These cutting-edge features lead to enhanced energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. The project's focus on sustainability and intelligent management emphasised the importance of the commissioning process which the Banyards CxM team undertook from design through to handover.

CSA23 53 RS.jpg
CSA23 16 RS.jpg
  • ASHFORD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: AstraZeneca - The Discovery Centre (DISC)

  • BANYARDS: Children's Day Treatment Centre at Evelina London Children's Hospital

  • BANYARDS: The Christie Patterson Cancer Research Centre

  • CLEARTECH GROUP: Hilton Garden Inn - Silverstone Circuit

  • CML SUSTAIN: London Underground Bank Station Capacity Upgrade - Northern Line

  • CROWN HOUSE TECHNOLOGIES: LD11x London Data Centre

  • END SYSTEMS: HMP Five-Wells

  • HDR: The Oak Cancer Centre at the Royal Marsden Sutton


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